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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Class of '72 Get Together

ok, so it looks as though there's going to be a reunion of sorts, probably not a huge deal, of the classes of 1972 from both PHS and the Poughkeepsie Day School. Plans as of now are for get-togethers on three days:

Friday, June 1 at a bar/restaurant to be decided in Manhattan
Saturday, June 2 at Dave Fleischer's home in Westchester (White Plains, I think)
Sunday, June 3 picnic in Brooklyn

More precise details as they become available.

There's a Facebook page devoted to the event; search on Poughkeepsie Plus 40.

Needless to say, we'd love to see *anyone* who can make it!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

What we're doing here

After the reunion that was held this past July, I thought it might be a good idea to have a site where members of our High School class could locate one another, simply a resource. So this is a placeholder for now, until I get around to populating it.

What I'd like to do is just list graduates* (based on the yearbook) by name. When and if this site is stumbled across by an alum who would like to flesh out his/her info, they can mail me and I'll do so, to whatever degree of intimacy they're comfortable with. If, on the other hand, they'd rather not have their name listed at all, I'll gladly remove it. E-mail addresses, if desired, could be listed in spelled-out fashion, eg, "bolewnick at verizon dot net" so as to avoid potential spam. Might take me a while to have the time to get hopping on this but it'll happen eventually. In the meantime, any feedback is appreciated. If you've vainly self-googled (and who hasn't?) and arrived here, please say hello.

*I wouldn't be averse to including folk who left PHS prior to graduation for elsewhere, so feel free to suggest add-ons.

Thought it might be an idea to list recent additions. I know a bunch of people have visited but not pulled the trigger. C'mon, say hello!

***I know there have been a good hundred individual people who have found this page. Still, as of 03/18/09, only two unsolicited addressees! (The others are people I'm in direct touch with). Pull the trigger! :-)

Recent Updates:

Mark Hetorilla
Ken Knops
John E Bethell
Bernard Spier

They continue to trickle in...

Joe Schlam

Saturday, October 11, 2008

This post will "stick" here and be added to as I receive new information. Please send all contact info to me at: and I'll transfer them up to the main area. Check my own listing to see the options and format. Whatever anyone wants to show, of course, can be done. Changes to last names due to marriage or whatever will be displayed parenthetically. Comments and suggestions are more than welcome. Thanks, we'll see how this goes.


Mark Abrams
Aaron Abramsky
Linda Ahmed
Lawrence Albanese
Karla Anderson
Marilyn Anderson
Michael Anderson
Salahuddin Ansary
Michael Areno
David Arnold


David Badgley
John Badura
Deborah Bahret
John Baker
Woodrow Baker
Albert Baldwin
William Barbeosch (deceased)

William P. Barbeosch, 56 years old of New York City passed away on May 13th. He died of a heart attack after a year long battle with adenoidal cystic carcinoma. He was a graduate of the 1972 class at Poughkeepsie High School. He also graduated from Brown University, Columbia Law School and Yale Business School. He was employed as the Chief Fiduciary Officer at GenSpring Family Offices in New York City.

He leaves behind, his wife of 24 years Marta Valera-Barbeosch of NYC, his parents Peter & Marie Barbeosch of Hauppauge, NY, sisters Victoria Luckower of Brewster, NY and Valarie Strippoli of Smithtown, NY, brother-in-law to Jasmine Mooney and Michael Luckower. In addition he also leaves behind nieces and nephews Rebecca, Paul, Angelica, Hannah, Charles and Emily.

Funeral will take place in Manhattan on Thursday, May 19, 2011, at Horne-Dannecker, 445 West 43rd Street, New York, New York. Mass will be held Friday, May 20, 2011, 10:00 a.m. Church of Notre Dame, 114th Street & Riverside Drive. Internment immediately following mass at St. Charles Cemetery, Farmingdale, Long Island.

Eugenie Barbieri
Richard Bartel
Susan Barton
Katherine Battistoni
John Bellamy
Alan Benedict
Jackie Bernard
Stephen Berish
Michael Berkowitz

John E. Bethell

Karen Betz
Sandra Betz
Denise Bilyou
Richard Bird
Leonard Bishop
Bruce Biszick
Mark Blaweiss
Alicia Bocchino
Anthony Bocchino
Richard Boyer
James Bozick (deceased)
Sandra Bradford
Patricia Brady
Stephen Brady
Robert Brandau
Laurie Brandt
Petra Bratkus
Earl Brower (deceased)
Scott Brown
James Bryant
Melitte Buchman
James Burdick
Mary Burlingame
Mary Butler
Vickie Byrd


Barbara Callaghan
Victoria Canada
Larry Carley
Wayne Carlin
Ethel Cave
Claudio Caviglia
Melonie Chang

Brian Chapaitis

Employ: Summer Institute of Linguistics
Location: Highlands of Papua New Guinea

Irene Chiumento
Robin Christensen
Harold Clark
Reggie Clinton
Kenneth Cobb
Linda Cohn
Christine Cole
Dawn Comunale
Lindsay Conners
Patrick Conway
Elizabeth Coon
Sally Coty
Karen Coughlin
Forrest Cousens
Frank Critelli
Vincent Crocco
Scott Crossley
Eugene Cuba
Stephen Czar


Patricia Dallen
Lucille Daniels
Lynn Dattoli
Charles Davis
James Davis
Renee Davis
Sheldon Davis
Desmond Dawkins
Earle Dawkins
Helen Day
Joseph DeFelicibus
Lauren DeGilio
Thomas Denier

Joyce DePasquale (Pfirman)
Location: Hopewell Junction, NY

Wyoming Derello
Riziero DeVivo
Delroy Dick
Donna Didio
Denise Diesing
Jeffrey Diesing
Robert Ditullo
Bruce Dooris
David Dooris
Gary Dorsey
Robert Dorsey
Kevin Draiss
Susan Drennen
Norman Duncan
Shirley DuPilka
Myra Dyer


Sara Effron
Marc Eisner
Denise Elting
Martin Elmendorf
Gay Eng
Allen Erhard
Christopher Evangelou
Michael Evans


Monet Falconi
Thomas Farrell
Jonathan Fay
Jennifer Feasel
Danise Felix
Larry Ferringa
Robert Fielding
Robert Finch
Thomas Fiorino
Yvonne Fisher
Sheila Fiumarello
John Flaherty
Robert Flaherty
Frances Flanagan
Richard Flanagan
Thomas Folster
Deborah Fosmire
Elizabeth Foster
Andreas Fournarides
Florence Fraleigh
William Francese
Beverly Franco
Jane Freeman
Diane Fryar


George Gaines
Anne Gallagher
Charlene Gallo
Despina Garofalis
Ronald Gart
Michael Gerns
Wayne Germinaro
Susan Gersh
Jayne Gibbons
Chandler Gibbs
Sandra Gimmaro
Colleen Gleason
Deborah Gleason
John Godwin
Lauren Gold
Sara Jane Goldberg
David Gordon
Kinda Grande
Vernon Green
James Greenfield*
Morris Griffin
Richard Grilli
Mary Jane Grotzer
Sheryl Grubman
Henry Gugamuck
Georgia Gumble
Lawrence Gunsch


Karen Habinowski
David Hackbarth
Susan Hahn
Karen Haight
David Haitkin
Louise Hall
Betty Jean Hanaburgh
Keith Hannah
Eric Hansen
John Harr
Hugh Harvie
Claudia Haufe
Robert Hauver
John Haves
Rael Hayward
Walter Henderson
Howard Hesson

Mark Hetorilla (Rossignol)
Location: West Hollywood, California

Edward Heybruck
David Hinkley
Paul Hoeft
Adele Hoffnagle
Anita Holl
Cheryl Holman
Tempi Hopkins
Virginia Houghtaling
Amos Howard
Nancy Hritz
Susan Hubsch
Barbara Huff
Michele Hughes


Giuseppina Incorvaia


Lorraine Jackson
Trevor James
Frank Janendo
Susan Jankovitz
Illna Jefferies
Ava Joel
Charles Johnson
Elaine Johnson
Michael Joseph


Richard Kaehler
Bryan Kagan
Margit Kaindl
Anthony Kalliche
Terru Kalliche
Argiro Kapogiannis
Lynn Kara
David Kaul
Mary Lou Kearney
Bruce Kelly
Mary Jane Kelly
Jonathan Key
Michael Kirshon
Wendy Klein

Jill Klemmer Schline
Location: Newark, MD

Gary Knapp

Kenneth Knops
Location: Glen Ridge, New Jersey

Clausen Krzywicki
Jeffrey Kutner


Urian Labodin
John Labriola
Karen Ladensack
Janet Lampell
Candace Land
Ronald Lane
Keith Landau (deceased)
Theresa Lanxner
Diane Lazarus
Gloria Leach
Gary LeClair
Helen LeClair
Paul Lengyel
Judy LeSoine
Alan Levine (deceased)
Gary Levine
Mark Levine
Steven Levine
Michael Levy
Leslie Lewis
Winston Lewis
Katherine Liguori
Cynthia Lipschutz
Lydia Litwinenk
Mitchell Lloyd
Ronald Lorefice
David Lyday
Conella Lyons


John Mack
Diane Madlon
Donna Maier
Gene Markle
Charlene Maroney
Stephen Masten
Mark Masters
Glen Mathews
Elizabeth Matlin
Antonia Mavilla
Irene Mazzello
Candace Mazzola
Karen McCaffrey
Gary McCombs
Patricia McCombs
Bruce McDonald
Daivd McGinnis
Colleen McGrath
Bruce McIllravy
Guiselle McLean
Patricia Mickley
Richard Mikula
Debra Miller
Jode Millman
Thomas Moher
Elizabeth Morehouse
Denise Morton
Laureen Muller
Maryann Murphy


George Nejame
Hilda Nelson
Evon Nesheiwat
Irene Nicholas
Eugene Nicolato


Mary O'Connor
Timothy O'Leary
Richard Oestrike

Brian Olewnick
Website: Just Outside
Location: Jersey City, NJ

Alfred Osterhoudt
Linda Osterhoudt
Michelle Ostrander
Darryl Otto
Linda Otto
James Overmeyer


Christine Pacio
Mia Pagones
Gary Partain
Carla Patterson

Carol Pavitt
Manhattan, NY

Paul Pawenski
John Paxton
David Peace
Marjorie Peet
Sharon Penfield
Stephanie Perri
Stephanie Perry
Carol Petito
Mario Petroccitto
Jill Petronella
Mary Petryszak
Lisa Piccoli
Mark Piraino
Roland Plain
Shelly Potter
Vivian Powers
Richard Pratt
Nicholas Primiano
Paula Pringle
Donna Proctor
Olga Ptach
Laura Punton
Robin Purdy


Izzat Rabadi
Michelle Rabot
Ira Radovsky
Jill Raleigh
Errol Ramcharan
Helen Randes
Stewart Reifler
Mary Jane Repino
Barbara Ress
Robert Richardson
Mary Beth Riggs
Nancy Ring
William Ringwood
Sue Ellen Rios
Joseph Ritt
Glenn Ritter
David Rittinger
Philip Rizzo
Sharon Rizzo
Jane Roberts
Kenneth Roberts
Nancy Robins
Gloria Ronk
Keith Rose
Louise Rosen
Mark Roth

Catherine Rutgers
Brooklyn, NY

Mary Ryczaj
Mary E. Ryder
Mary F. Ryder


James Sappington
Elizabeth Saslaw
Edith Schatz
Lyneva Schenk

Marcia (Schiavone) McCarthy
Chester NJ

Fred Schiller*
Phil Schiller*

Joseph Schlam
Location: Lexington, MA

Thomas Schoonmaker
David Schreck

Anne Schwartz
Location: Brooklyn, NY

Marcy Schwartz
Mark Schwartz
Myra Schwartz (deceased)
Sharon Schwartz
Pamela Scope
Jacquelyn Scott
Veronica Scribner
Gary Seaman
Mary Ellen Seaman
Babbette Sears
Jacqueline Seidel
Betty Senk
Geraldine Serafinowicz

Betty Jo Shannon Gerow
Location: Berkeley Heights, NJ

John Shaughnessy
Allen Shayo
James Sherman
William Sherry
Theresa Silvers
Roger Simons
Marc Singer
Harold Singleton
Martin Sioleski
Mary Skovan
Lynn Smith
Renee Smith
Amber Soricelli
Joseph Sorrentino
Kenneth Spadato
Matthew Spector*
Jane Spellman

Bernard Spier

Karen Squier
Brian Stalter
David Stamm
Satnley Starzyk
Jeffrey Stein
Marcia Sullivan
Phyllis Sumner
Claudine Swidler
Jay Sylvester


Sherrie Talmadge
Frances Terry
Martin Terwilliger
Morris Thorpe
Robert Tierney
Kay Torbeck
Judith Toth
Lucille Trocher


Peter Ulbrandt
Jane Ulrich
Charlene Usher


Mary Vadala
Shari Vail
John Van Norstrand
Adrianus Van Ryswyk
Amy Verdis
Sharon Von Duisberg


Alton Walden
Helen Wall (deceased)
Larry Walton
Marianne Way
Lance Wazewski
William Webster
Jean Weigert
Robert Weiner
Ross Wentworth
Daniel Whalen
Roxanne White
Beverly Williams
Brian Williams
Cassandra Williams
Deborah Wilson
Lawrence Wittenberg
Donald Wood
Mary Wood
Sharon Wood
Ronald Wright
William Wright


Andre Yanischeff
Steven Yourke


Peter Zajkowski
Clifford Zimmerman
Leonard Zydel
Linda Zydel

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