Sunday, October 19, 2008

What we're doing here

After the reunion that was held this past July, I thought it might be a good idea to have a site where members of our High School class could locate one another, simply a resource. So this is a placeholder for now, until I get around to populating it.

What I'd like to do is just list graduates* (based on the yearbook) by name. When and if this site is stumbled across by an alum who would like to flesh out his/her info, they can mail me and I'll do so, to whatever degree of intimacy they're comfortable with. If, on the other hand, they'd rather not have their name listed at all, I'll gladly remove it. E-mail addresses, if desired, could be listed in spelled-out fashion, eg, "bolewnick at verizon dot net" so as to avoid potential spam. Might take me a while to have the time to get hopping on this but it'll happen eventually. In the meantime, any feedback is appreciated. If you've vainly self-googled (and who hasn't?) and arrived here, please say hello.

*I wouldn't be averse to including folk who left PHS prior to graduation for elsewhere, so feel free to suggest add-ons.

Thought it might be an idea to list recent additions. I know a bunch of people have visited but not pulled the trigger. C'mon, say hello!

***I know there have been a good hundred individual people who have found this page. Still, as of 03/18/09, only two unsolicited addressees! (The others are people I'm in direct touch with). Pull the trigger! :-)

Recent Updates:

Mark Hetorilla
Ken Knops
John E Bethell
Bernard Spier

They continue to trickle in...

Joe Schlam


Bernie said...

I know a few of the people from yesteryear, missed the reunion (never got a invite), maybe next time.. Living in So Cal - Bernie Spier (, please correct the spelling of my last name, it is Spier, not Spiers

Brian Olewnick said...

Hey Bernie, good to hear from you.

Info updated, apologies for the misspelling (I'm sure it's not the only one...)

Rhetoric of Bernie said...

Hi Brian, An Update, now in Florida. Do you know of any yearbooks that are available?

Brian Olewnick said...

Hi Bernie,

Of the '72 yearbook? No, sorry, I've kept my own but that's it.


Nancy said...

Hey, Bernie -

Sorry we missed you for the last reunion. Karen Haight and I were working on it, but I know we weren't able to find everyone. If we get it together for next year, you'll be on the list! Just e-mail me your new address.

Nancy Hritz-Seifts

Nancy said...

Thank you, Brian, for putting up this website. It's great!
Hopefully, it'll spur some interest in a 40th reunion for next year.

Catherine Rutgers said...

Testing. ^_^

Apprendista di pizza said...

Ran across this site accidentally and saw some old names. I hope everyone is well?

stephanieee said...

Hello from Stephanie Perri (now Barkin). I joined the Poughkeepsie Plus 40 group on Facebook, and look forward to hearing news about old friends and classmates.